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Maintaining your system, whether a simple but effective burglar alarm, to more complex integrated security systems that include door entry, CCTV and fire detection, it’s essential to ensure that it works at full strength with no niggles to upset the working performance.

With a Bell Fire & Security service and maintenance agreement, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that if you do have any problems, we are there 24/7 to fix the issue as we know how important it is that your security system is always protecting. What’s more, it may be a requirement of your insurance policy and some insurers give discounts for properties with insurance approved maintained alarm systems.


Includes routine maintenance, access to call out service support, 24 hours a day. Support from our 24 hour Service Bureau, with access to engineer technicians 24/7/365. Routine inspections and remote reset.


All that’s covered in our Standard level plus engineer call-out for wear and tear*.


Full service including call out charges, free fitting of replacement parts for normal wear and tear and firmware upgrades on Bell Fire & Security systems.*

New & existing

If we install your system, you’ll get 12 months warranty included. If we take over an existing system, we’ll initially test and report back to you on its condition and if needed, bring it up to standard as required.


24/7 Monitoring 365 days a year to our Alarm Response Centre via either Digital Communicator, Digi Air or DualCom Signalling.

*With the Intermediate & Comprehensives plans, engineer call outs and replacement parts are included, except in the case of the system being damaged by others, fire, storm, flood or act of nature will be chargeable. 

Whatever your needs, we have Service and Maintenance cover that will work for you and your system.

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