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CCTV systems are a great way of adding even more protection for your home and act as a really strong deterrent for intruders who won’t want to get caught on camera! Our systems are simple to operate and even when you’re away from home, you can access and view your property from your device in real-time.

Remote monitoring
You can monitor your home wherever you are, even on holiday! We can also provide 24/7/365 monitoring from our Alarm Receiving Centre and watch over your home when you can’t, triggering priority response from the police or keyholders. You can also access online.

Always on, always recording
Using the latest technology, our CCTV systems produce high quality video, detecting when it’s light or dark, so there’s always a good view of any intruder whatever the time of day.

Inside and out protection
With a selection of internal and external domes, you can keep an eye on all the things that matter.  More for businesses but nevertheless an option, we also have specialist anti-vandal and bullet cameras.

Whether you simply need one camera and a monitor, or more advanced multi-cameras positioned at every corner, we have cost effective solutions that will give you peace of mind.

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