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It’s a fact that many people ignore the sound of an alarm ringing, so it’s important that your alarm never goes unanswered. With a Bell Fire & Security monitored alarm system, we’ll always act when your intruder or fire alarm is activated.

Whilst our illuminated bell boxes act as a deterrent, signalling to would-be burglars that your premises is protected, what do you do in the event of a fire? Business areas can be quite isolated, especially at night and so by opting for a monitoring package means that you, a keyholder or Police will be notified if there is an activation. We have two levels of response you can choose from.

Keyholder response
Means when your intruder or smoke alarm goes off, we’ll call and get hold of one of your designated keyholder. They will then act on your behalf and if there are signs of a break-in or fire to your premises, they can contact the police or fire brigade.  If not, they will re-set your system and update you of the situation.

Police response
For those that want absolute peace of mind, we’ll set up your system to be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre and as soon as your intruder or fire alarm is activated, the police will be informed and respond immediately. We’ll also call you or your keyholder, so someone can attend the property if the Police need access.

The right plan for you
Find out more about what monitoring plan is right for your business by giving Bell Fire & Security a call. We’ll talk you through the benefits of either Keyholder or Police response whether you have one of our alarms, or an existing system you’d like us to look after.

Protect what’s important to you and have peace of mind, knowing that when you’re away from the business, we’re always on duty in our Alarm Receiving Centre and will act when the alarm is activated.

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