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We’ve been protecting buildings and people for over 40 years and offer a wide range of fire detection devices and solutions that help you protect your business, meet fire safety responsibilities and save lives.

Reliable and responsive
Our fire alarm solutions are the most advanced available today, ensuring reliable early detection of all fire types and with the ability to measure carbon monoxide, smoke and heat, our sensors are not just fire detectors, they provide early warning of toxic gas too.

24/7/365 fire technical support and monitoring
When your alarm is activated, our Alarm Receiving Centre receives a signal and responds immediately and with regular inspections and test alarms, you’ll feel assured by the best possible system.

BAFE accredited installation and service
Gives you peace of mind that by having a Bell Fire & Security fire system installed, you are using a company that is certified to ensure quality and competence, so that you meet your fire safety obligations.

Bell Fire & Security fire detection systems include control panels, audio visual capability, combined smoke and heat detectors which can significantly reduce the risk to your business or building.

Protect your business with Bell Fire and Security.

What is a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system is designed to detect and alert occupants and emergency forces of the presence of fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies. These systems are required in all commercial buildings. Here are some key points:


Fire alarm systems may include smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual fire alarm activation devices (pull stations).

Control panel

All components are connected to a fire alarm control panel.

Visual and audio signals

Fire alarm systems use visual and audio signals to warn building occupants.

Elevator safety

Some systems may disable elevators during a fire.


Fire alarm systems are designed based on fire protection requirements established by building codes, insurance agencies, and other authorities.

How do fire alarm systems work?

A fire alarm system has four key functions that work together to enhance safety and protect lives and property:


Fire alarm systems use various initiation devices to detect signs of fire or smoke. These devices include: Smoke detectors, heat detectors, water flow switches, manually actuated devices and pressure switches. When any of these devices detects a fire-related event, it sends a signal to the fire alarm system.


Once a fire is detected, the system alerts building occupants and emergency responders. Alarms can be both audible (sirens, bells, horns) and visual (flashing lights). The goal is to ensure that everyone in the building is aware of the emergency and can take appropriate action.


Fire alarm systems continuously monitor the protected space. Control panels receive signals from initiation devices and display information about the status of each zone. Monitoring ensures that any fire-related events are promptly reported.


The fire alarm control panel is the central hub of the system. It receives information from initiation devices, processes it, and activates alarms. The control panel also manages other functions, such as disabling elevators during a fire.

Benefits of a fire alarm system

Fire alarm systems offer several benefits for safety and property protection.
Let’s explore the advantages of having a fire alarm system installed:

Early detection of fires

Modern fire alarm systems can detect fire risks early, providing an essential warning before the situation escalates. Early detection allows occupants to take appropriate action, potentially saving lives and minimising damage to property.

Insurance premium reduction

Insurers recognise the safety benefits of fire alarm systems. Having a reliable fire alarm system can lead to lower insurance premiums for your property.

Life safety and property protection

Fire alarms ensure the safety of occupants by alerting them promptly. They also protect valuable assets and minimize destruction to buildings during a fire.

Reduced business disruptions

Swift fire detection helps prevent significant disruptions to business operations. By acting early, you can mitigate the impact of a fire on your business.

Ease of installation and maintenance:

Many modern fire alarm systems come with wireless technology, making installation straightforward. Once installed, they require minimal maintenance, although regular testing is essential.

Why choose Bell Fire and Security

Choosing Bell Fire & Security for your fire alarm needs comes with several advantages. As dedicated professionals in the fire and security industry, we offer the following benefits:

BAFE registered
We are a BAFE registered company who undergo regular independent assessment for our competence and quality of work.

Ongoing proven competence
As a BAFE Registered Company we are assessed annually, ensuring up-to-date competency with relevant standards and best practices

Compliance to latest standards
BAFE certification schemes are regularly reviewed by industry experts, ensuring they remain at the forefront of fire protection.

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