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From small business to complex integrated projects covering large commercial and public sector buildings, we use the latest technology to enhance your security and give you peace of mind.

Remote monitoring 24/7/365
We design systems to allow you to monitor your business premises from wherever you are, even when you’re away. We can also provide 24/7/365 monitoring from our Alarm Receiving Centre and watch over your business when you can’t, triggering priority response from the police or keyholders as required. Alternatively, you can access via internet viewing.

Always on, always recording
Using the latest technology, our CCTV systems produce high quality video, detecting when it’s light or dark, so there’s always a good view of any intruder whatever the time of day or night.

Inside and out protection
With a selection of internal and external domes, you can keep an eye on all the things that matter. We also have specialist anti-vandal and bullet cameras. Using the latest technology, our systems capture high definition images of your premises 24/7.

We take time to understand your needs and tailor a system that’s right for your business. With theft costing businesses millions of pounds each year, keeping a watchful eye is a sensible business decision.

Protect your business with Bell Fire and Security.

What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, involves the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, typically displayed on a limited set of monitors.

Unlike broadcast television, where the signal is openly transmitted, CCTV operates within a closed circuit, allowing the camera owner or operator to decide the points where the signal is transmitted. These systems serve various purposes, from basic single-camera setups for small-scale monitoring to complex arrangements with multiple cameras, including fixed and remotely controlled Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) types

How does a CCTV system work?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) works by capturing images using cameras and transmitting them to monitoring and recording equipment. Here’s how it functions:

Camera capture

CCTV cameras are strategically placed in desired areas for monitoring. These cameras continuously capture images of the covered area.


The captured images are then transmitted to the recording device. Transmission can occur via cables or wirelessly, depending on the system type.

Recording & viewing

The recording device stores the transmitted footage. You can view the sequence of images as video footage on a display monitor or remotely on devices like laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Frames per second

The number of frames per second (fps) captured by the camera determines image quality. Higher fps results in clearer, more precise images. However, it also generates more material to watch and store.

Camera types:

CCTV cameras come in various forms, including static and movable ones. Some cameras can pan, tilt, and swivel to change the view. Night vision cameras are commonly used for security purposes.

Wireless & wired

Some CCTV equipment is wireless, transmitting images through walls and obstacles. Different cameras and equipment can operate on different frequencies if needed for large spaces or complex environments.

Benefits of a CCTV system

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems offer several important benefits for both residential and business environments. Some of these advantages:

Crime deterrent

One of the most significant benefits of security cameras is their role as a powerful crime deterrent. When potential criminals know they are being watched, they are less likely to engage in illegal activities. For businesses, CCTV systems help reduce shoplifting, employee theft, and vandalism. The cost of installing security cameras is far outweighed by the potential losses from theft and damages.

Peace of mind

Installing security cameras provides a sense of security and peace of mind. Real-time monitoring allows you to stay informed about what’s happening. Employees in offices with security cameras know that their belongings are protected, and employers are reassured that business property won’t be stolen or damaged.

Evidence collection

In unfortunate events where crimes occur, security cameras play a crucial role in evidence collection. High-quality CCTV systems can record detailed videos and capture sounds. Unlike eyewitnesses, camera footage is reliable and can help identify criminals and bring them to justice. Investigators can analyse the recordings to understand how events unfolded and identify potential suspects.

Dispute settlement

CCTV systems assist in dispute settlement within workplaces. When disputes arise between employees, camera footage provides objective evidence.

Employee productivity monitoring

Surveillance cameras can monitor staff performance. Employees are more likely to perform their duties diligently when they know they’re being observed. Enhanced productivity benefits businesses and ensures efficient operations.

Theft & vandalism protection

CCTV systems help reduce vandalism and the risk of break-ins. The mere presence of cameras discourages criminal activity. Businesses can protect their assets, merchandise, and property from theft and damage.

Remote viewing & accessibility

Modern CCTV systems offer remote viewing capabilities. Business owners and homeowners can monitor their premises from anywhere using smartphones or computers. This accessibility enhances security and allows quick responses to any suspicious activity.


While there’s an initial investment in installing CCTV, it’s a long-term investment. The value of preventing theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access far exceeds the installation costs.

Why choose Bell Fire and Security

Choosing Bell Fire & Security for your CCTV system comes with several advantages:

Remote monitoring
with high quality video

Our CCTV systems use the latest technology to produce high-quality video, ensuring a clear view of any intruder regardless of the time of day. You can monitor your premises from anywhere, with the option of 24/7/365 monitoring.

Protection inside and out
With a selection of internal and external domes, you can keep an eye on what matters most. Whether you need a single camera or more advanced multi-camera setups, Bell Fire & Security provides cost-effective solutions for peace of mind.

Professional service & maintenance:
Bell Fire & Security offers 24/7 service and maintenance. You can trust that any issues will be promptly addressed, ensuring your security system is always protecting your home or business.

Accreditation and compliance
Bell Fire & Security is accredited for CCTV insurance-approved systems by the NSI (NACOSS).

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