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Our access control systems create a constant physical barrier for operational times of business and can be integrated with intruder, fire and CCTV systems. They also remove the need for mechanical keys, reducing the cost of replacements or changing the locks.

Systems tailored to your needs
Whatever your business, we’ll recommend and install the best solution for you. Our systems are tailored to each individual need. From door entry to multiple occupancy systems and video door entry systems, we’ve got just the solution.

Backed up by 24/7 support
Our technical support team will provide your business with 24/7 assistance and with the added assurance of a monitored system, you’ll always be protected. The technology is now more advanced than it’s ever been and you can also have full control remotely via your phone.

Satisfying insurance and legislation
We’re NSI Gold accredited for installation and service, satisfying not just insurance obligations but legal ones too. Access Control systems add that extra layer of protection.

From simple one door systems, to card, fob and finger print recognition systems that give you traceability of people entering and leaving, access control allows only permitted people to enter any given building.

Protect your business with Bell Fire and Security.


What is access control?

An access control system is a fundamental aspect of security used to manage and control who or what is allowed entrance to a system, environment, or facility.

These modern systems consist of a reader and some form of authentication, such as a card or a mobile credential. The role of electronic access control has evolved beyond basic access granted/denied control functions. It now plays a central role in building operations, integrating seamlessly with other security measures and techniques.
Here are some key points about access control systems:

People management

Access control helps businesses manage the flow of people in and out of their buildings. A command centre can provide powerful emergency response capabilities, mobile access options, and effective cardholder and credential management. During emergencies, access control systems can quickly block entry to specific areas and facilitate smooth building evacuations

Business management

Access control ensures workforce compliance and safety.
It allows businesses to track the movements of people within their premises.

Building management

Access control is no longer a siloed activity; it’s now a central point of building operations. It enhances overall building security and efficiency. Sophisticated systems can integrate with other building management functions, such as lighting, HVAC, and fire alarms

Site management

Access control systems protect sensitive areas and valuable items within a site. They prevent unauthorised entry into buildings and restrict access to specific zones. Integration capabilities allow seamless coordination with other security measures.

How does an access control system work?

An access control system restricts access to specific areas within a building or campus. Here’s how it works:


When a person wants to gain access, they present their credentials. Common credentials include access cards, fobs, or even biometric scans (such as fingerprints). The system authenticates the user based on these credentials


Once authenticated, the system determines what the user is authorised to do. It grants access to specified areas or systems accordingly

Hardware & software

An access control system consists of two main components: Hardware: Includes physical components like access cards, controllers, and readers. Software: Allows you to assign credentials and manage access levels

Benefits of access control systems

Access control systems offer several benefits that enhance security and efficiency in modern businesses. Here are some key advantages:

Enhancing physical security

Access control systems restrict unauthorized entry to specific areas. By managing who has access to a location at a particular time, they enhance overall physical security.

Access level customisation

These systems allow customisation of access levels. You can specify who can access the premises based on shifts, time of day, job titles, and more.

Real-time monitoring

Access control provides real-time tracking of people entering and exiting. This monitoring helps prevent security breaches and ensures safety.

Cost-effective measures

Access control systems help businesses comply with industry-specific security requirements. They safeguard confidential information, protect assets, and ensure employee and visitor safety.


Access control systems help businesses comply with industry-specific security requirements. They safeguard confidential information, protect assets, and ensure employee and visitor safety.

Why choose Bell Fire and Security

Choosing Bell Fire & Security for your access control system comes with several advantages:

Accreditation & compliance
Bell Fire & Security are accredited for access control systems by the NSI (NACOSS). We are also members of the Electrical Contractors Association of Scotland (SELECT), guaranteeing that all our work is independently inspected to ensure compliance with current British and European Standards.

Service & maintenance
With a Bell Fire & Security Service and Maintenance Agreement, you can feel comfortable knowing that if you encounter any problems, we are available 24/7 to fix any issues. Ensuring that your security system is always protecting your business is our priority.

Cost-effective solutions
Bell Fire & Security’s access control systems create a constant physical barrier during operational hours. These systems can be integrated with intruder alarms, fire systems, and CCTV, providing comprehensive security. By removing the need for mechanical keys, they reduce the cost of replacements or changing locks.

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